The Macon-Middle Georgia Black Pages and Resource Guide has been Middle Georgia’s premier African-American resource guide since 1991. The Black Pages is an annual publication that promotes and showcases African-American businesses in the Middle Georgia area. The company also aids in the development of small businesses by designing websites and providing other marketing and promotional services to assist small businesses.

Founded by local entrepreneur Alex C. Habersham, The Black Pages continues to serve as the liaison between minority businesses and local citizens throughout Central Georgia. As publisher of The Black Pages, his goal is to improve the African-American community economically, through black consumerism.

As The Black Pages makes its transition into the cyber world with its new and improved website, our goal is to act as a vehicle to express the political and socio-economic issues of the surrounding community. Through our digital marketing services, the local community receives highlights on the spiritual, social, economic and educational happenings throughout Central Georgia. Additionally, the website will be premiering Macon’s local radio talk show, A Call to Action, also hosted by Alex C. Habersham.

The Black Pages also sponsors quarterly expos. Up to this point, seven have been held and they have proven to be an excellent networking activity for the community. The next Expo will be held in conjunction with the premiering of the publication.

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