A New Zenith for Macon

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As the legend goes the call letters for Macon’s first radio station WMAZ stood for Watch Macon Attain it’s Zenith.  (The term zenith is often used to mean “highest point”).  With the re-imagining of its downtown, the consolidation of its … Read More

Revitalization Through Preservation

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Historic Macon Foundation (HMF) makes a visible impact in the Macon community by carrying out its mission of community revitalization by preserving architecture and sharing history.  The ongoing work of HMF is evident by the 14 historic districts with over … Read More

Cliffard Whitby

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CEO & Founder of Whitby, Inc. He’s an early starter, analytical to the core, a visionary, and one of Macon-Bibb County’s best hopes for a bright economic future.  But most of all, he still believes Macon can have a vibrant … Read More